About Us

About Us

We find incredible design opportunities in existing homes—focusing on craftsmanship, well-made materials, and locally-sourced pieces.

That comfortable, elevated space was there all along…hiding in plain sight.

Thoughtful. Beautiful. Sustainable. This is the mantra that guides us to consider every detail, listen carefully to our clients, and pursue efficient, enduring design practices.

As a New England based interior design firm, we’ve worked throughout the Greater Boston area, Cape Cod and the Islands—and we’ve also engaged in projects on the west coast, including California and Washington. Our services include access to a well-vetted roster of contractors and craftspeople.

We’ve been maximizing every inch of existing homes to reveal their true potential for over twenty years.

About Melissa Hammond Interior Designer

Hello, I’m Melissa Hammond.

What’s important to me:

  • Seeing Live Music (Lots of It)
  • Cooking—Preferably with Some Local Ingredients
  • Biking, Running, and Hiking

Some of my favorite parts of design:

  • Improving the View From One Room to the Next
  • Bringing in More Light—Always
  • Adding a New Use for a Space

I’m inspired by:

  • Nature
  • Secondhand Fashion
  • Old Cities

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