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Hammond Design
Hammond Design
Hammond Design

Design thoughtfully. Live beautifully.

We believe in your home’s natural potential.

The most beautiful transformations require a ruthless eye for wasted space and a true dedication to fixing it. We’re all about finding opportunities—repurposing corners and closets, moving walls in quietly life-changing ways, and making what isn’t working, work.

The most sustainable space is one that already exists.

Ready to take your existing footprint and elevate it?. Our approach focuses on materials that endure, repurposed pieces, and experienced craftspeople. It’s about delivering the most beautiful, practical benefits of sustainable design—entirely in your style.

“So comfortable, so inviting, and so pleasurable to live in.”

—Chrissy | Newton, MA

“So many great ideas right off the bat. Just phenomenal.”

—Eirene | Cambridge, MA

“It was really a massive jigsaw puzzle and they were amazing.”

—Nancy | Wilmot, NH

Award-Winning Interior Design with Roots in Greater Boston

The best design is the one that feels good to you.

You’re the greatest resource—the expert in your own day-to-day life, big and small needs, and design daydreams.
It’s our job to listen, imagine the most interesting possibilities, and then make them real. We’ll use the best of everything to turn your wishlist into a stunning, cohesive home.

In fifteen years of pretty intense work as a builder, I have dealt with a lot of architects and designers and, to be honest, Hammond Design has blown the formula for perfection out of the water…”

—Peter | Arlington, MA