Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services

We bring lovely, efficient design to existing homes—transforming them in all of the most important ways.

Yes, we’ll maximize every square inch. We’re known for designing smarter, not bigger.

And yes, we can promise that the end result will bring you comfort, contentment, and delight. The emotional value of a home that is designed for beauty and ease cannot be overstated.

We’ve been refining our design practice for over twenty years—building a vast network of contractors, craftspeople, and vendors with the sources and skills required to create something truly lasting.


Interior Architecture and Space Planning

The bones of your existing space, artfully refined—potentially changing everything about how you feel in a room.

Interior Design, Kitchen Design, and Bathroom Design

From layouts to finish selections to furnishings and custom cabinetry, we believe that design projects should be done once and done well—avoiding trends in favor of timeless design and always choosing durable materials. We are well-versed in the process of designing, fabrication, and flawless installation.

Renovations and Additions

Our services includes floor plans, elevations, 3D renderings, construction documentation, and finish selections—all with an eye for storage opportunities, flow, and strategic sourcing. We’re not afraid of moving a load-bearing wall and we live to find new uses for a room.

Furniture and Upholstery

Our sources are well-researched and time-tested. We lean local to lower environmental impact while leveling up on quality—and some of our favorite projects have included the transformation of an existing piece of furniture.

Custom Window Treatments

The best window treatments are a true melding of functionality and aesthetics—pairing texture and pattern with energy efficiency, sound control, and privacy. Whether simple and streamlined or layered and complex, very few spaces feel fully designed without the right window treatments.

Project Management and Coordination

The contractors, subcontractors, cabinetmakers, painters, and furniture makers that work on a project will define the quality of the end result. When you hire us, you get instant access to our network.

The Process


Let’s Get Thoughtful

What brings you joy? What will feel comfortable, warm, inviting, and bright—for you? At this point, we’re diving into the finest details. Where you like to sit, what a morning looks like, how you come and go…it all matters. The information we gather in this first phase will guide every aspect of the project.


The Most Beautiful Plan

We know you don’t want to look at a million options or set foot in a tile store—so we use the details we’ve gathered to bring ease to your decision-making. We’re your voice and advocate in conversations with contractors and we fluently speak the language of construction documents. By the end of this phase, we’ve made all material and structural decisions and are ready to begin construction in earnest.


A Sustainable Outcome

We bring a world of well-tested expertise and sources. Expect local materials and craftspeople, re-use and repurposing of existing furnishings, materials that are healthy and durable, and a strategic aversion to trends in favor of timeless style. The outcome is a convergence of thoughtful decisions and your version of beautiful, sustainable design. It is, without exaggeration, life-changing.